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Imagine the lush, green Windward side of O‘ahu, where the verdant Ko‘olau Range receives more rainfall than anywhere else on the island – about five million gallons a day!
That life-giving rainwater is naturally filtered through layers and layers of volcanic rock for decades, until it reaches the aquifer that feeds the pristine artesian well Ko‘olau Distillery uses for its spirits.
Just as our founders dedicated their lives in service to the country with the United States Marine Corps earning honors and commendations — often at great sacrifice — they believe in earnest stewardship of the land and its finite resources.

Ko’olau Distillery Partners: Dan and Heather Pence, Ian Brooks, Eric and Ginger Dill


Decorated U.S. Marine Corps combat veterans, LtCol Ian Brooks and LtCol Eric Dill banded together and joined forces to build Ko‘olau Distillery. The longtime friends envisioned and created Ko‘olau and its brands to reflect the beauty, mystery and majesty of Hawai‘i. They drew their inspiration from the ancient Ko‘olau mountain range that purely filters the water and feeds the artesian well that forms the pure source for all its products.

Ian and Eric have had extensive and distinguished military careers with the United States Marine Corps and spent time in multiple combat zones. They both have been stationed in Hawai‘i several times throughout their careers.

Partnering with 15 year beverage professionals, Dan and Heather Pence, the whiskey-enthusiast friends and business partners chose Windward O‘ahu in part because they live there, but they live there because “if you spend any time on the Windward side, you realize what a special place it is. It’s different …it’s a unique place in a unique place,” Ian says.

No other company on O‘ahu is producing whiskey that has been aged in wooden casks, Eric says. “The science and art of whiskey-making fascinates me and there is something exceptionally gratifying about making your own.”

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